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“We all sell the identical thing… there is no gap between what one firm offers compared to the next.” These are the words a supervisor of a big, but fighting technology solution provider at The Famous Blend revealed to me personally.

This is why that opinion is an issue…

When you find yourself marketing basically the same technology services and products your competitors market, you instantly become a”victim” to brutal price competition. You’re reduced to a commodity in which the firm with the cheapest cost drops.

Winning the cheapest cost war is your least profitable method to construct a business. The cheapest price brings the most disloyal set of buyers in almost any marketplace. I call them”that the cheapskates”.

Secondly, your opponents can cut your legs out from underneath you, by beating your cost. ‘Winning’ boils right down to who is ready to make less. Even perhaps taking a reduction.

That is why communication a competitive edge that makes one of the only logical decisions is crucial.

If you can not view and articulate a definite competitive edge, how much less will your prospective customer see a reason to choose you over somebody else?

There’s a wise technology marketing solution to ferocious competitive markets. Cutting on your managed service contract prices is not the thing to do. There are far more lucrative ways to acquire the lion’s share of this marketplace without dropping your cost. How? Well, here are Only a few thoughts:

For starters, be a star inside your own industry. Become the high-price pioneer that simply deals with a specific grade of customers.

Differentiate your business from how you promote solutions to customers.

In every business, there are marketing approaches that are recognized as”the perfect way” to create a business. Unfortunately, once you do what everybody else is doing, you look and sound like everybody else. You turn into a commodity.

Rather than getting and also ran’, borrow approaches from different businesses.

Using marketing techniques rare to your technology business instantly makes you different. You seem unique because nobody else seems to like you. And if anybody tries to copy you, then they immediately seem like a copycat. A “me too” loser.

This is a simpler process when you’ve got a record to work from. Should you want some ideas, visit my listing of posts at and catch the record of 101 ways to advertise your business.

Aside from identifying yourself by choosing from over 100 distinct marketing approaches you can:

– place yourself as early in some kind of achievement or action

– be contrarian in your marketing strategy or Assistance

– put yourself apart from being private in the type of customer you’ll accept or the Kinds of services you deliver

Another step would be to have a non-traditional way of marketing. Classic marketing entails paying an increasing number of cash in advertisements or even worse, more cold-calling individuals who do not need to hear from you.

A non-traditional marketing strategy focuses on what you are doing (or ought to do ) and making it more reactive and much more predictable without sounding just like everybody else.

This is critical since in the current global market differentiating yourself in the brain of customers and prospective customers is the trick to an organization’s survival. Attempting to differentiate is that the number one reason why I think companies struggle needlessly.

It is why customers don’t see you as anything aside from a commodity.

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